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Ticket sales for 3D movies are on the increase globally (both online and kiosk) and Vend3D is at the forefront of 3D eyewear solutions. To meet the demand and help cinema owners increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, reduce wait times in queues, save on labor costs and increase available counter space we’ve developed the Vend3D vending machine to manage the sale of 3D glasses.

A True Partnership


Install, service and maintain vending machine - no cost to you. Supply stock for machine - range of different frames to maximise return. Provide signage, banners, POS and sample glasses.


Machines cost only $200 USD per month to rent.


Refill machine with stock as needed. Advertise vending machine on website during 3D online purchase. 2-year exclusive contract per site.


You only pay for the stock sold at the end of each month. The stock is only charged at wholesale rate; you keepT all the profits.

Key Features

  • Complete online back-end system for sales and stock control reporting.
  • Quality and reliability
  • Modern design
  • Holds over 800 pairs of 3D glasses
  • Coin and credit card facility
  • 24/7 support
  • All revenue directly deposited into your account.

In 2014, Village Cinemas Australia faced a challenge of providing our 3D patrons, particularly those purchasing tickets online, with a purchase path for 3D glasses that did not involve requiring them to join Point of Sale queues.

Vend 3D were able to provide us with the appropriate vending machines and glasses stock, but have also provided us with additional marketing materials, branding and product knowledge to ensure the trial’s success. The result has seen a tremendous take up rate for the glasses and some fantastic results for promotional glasses including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Overall the 3D vending relationship with Vend 3D has seen us increase profits, increase variety and provide our online patrons with an improved guest experience. We are now adding this facility to all our locations ready for the upcoming wave of blockbuster 3D product.

Adrian Witcombe
Business Improvement Manager
Village Cinemas Australia.

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